4Life Transfer Factor International Costumers

To protect yourself and your loved ones with The No.1 Immune Support in the World, you could also shop 4Life Products in your country today. And the best thing about it is you could buy them at Wholesale Price too, even when you are not a member yet.

Please go to the 4Life Office in your country or call to place your order today!

And here are the details that you need to do on how to place your orders:

Check Availability

  1. Each country will have different selections of 4Life Products available for you.
  2. To check the Availability and Price Rates of 4Life Products in your country, please go to www.4life.com.
  3. Click “Country Select” at the top right corner of the website, followed by selecting in which country you live in or a country close by to yours.
  4. Then, click on the “Products” menu.
  5. You could now see the 4Life Products available in your country with their information on Price Rates of buying Single Items or Bulk Items, Item Code #, etc.

Place Your Order

  1. Once you decide which products to buy, you could visit your country’s 4Life Office or order by phone
  2. There will be no minimum quantity of products required to purchase. You could order as less as one product, or as many as you like.
  3. Price and Tax Rates and other fees will vary between countries.
  4. To ensure that you’ll be asked to pay at Wholesale Price, please write in the Product Order Form / state in your Order Call the following details:
    • Distibutor Name: SUMMASE S PD
    • Distributor ID#: 7961422

For information on 4Life® Transfer Factor in English and Spanish, please go to this website.

For medical reports on 4Life® Transfer Factor, please go to this website.

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